Premium 2500 Magnet and Gauss Insoles.

  • High profit potential - 285% markup
    We enforce MAP pricing to keep your profits high!
  • Full Magnetic Core Insoles - Patented
  • Highest Quality - 2500 gauss high output FULL flexible magnetic core. The whole insole is a magnet.
  • Clear display packaging. We can even print a custom insert with your logo!
  • In stock - USA warehouse. Happy customers buy multiple pairs for each pair of shoes and as gifts!

Up to 79% off Retail for wholesale orders!

1 Pair: Only $29.95 Each! 40% Off Retail
13 To 59 Pairs: Only $14.98 Each! 70% Off Retail
60 To 143 Pairs: Only $12.50 Each! 75% Off Retail
144 Or More Pairs: Only $10.50 Each! 79% Off Retail

We have floor and counter displays and provide in-store signage

along with marketing materials for email and postcard campaigns.